(Update: 10th of February 2017)

Although I have several decks tested and reviews in preparation, I started writing about some other HiFi devices…

Stay tuned.

(Update: 31st of October 2016)

Dual C844 and Sony TC-K666ES on test:

I also started fixing Sansui D550M: dirty and full of dust, which normal after 35 years or so…

But, I will make a real beauty out of it…


(Update: 26th of August 2016)

Four machines, pictured this morning:

Top to bottom:

NAD 6100

Aiwa AD-F850

Onkyo TA2360, silver

Pioneer CT-A9, the legend.

First of all I checked how each one of them is working – functions, overall sound, frequency response, W&F etc. Two of them needed capstan motor replaced (NAD 6100 and Onkyo TA2360). I noticed, during last few months, increased need for replacement of capstan motors, although these decks had small working hours. I think these capstan DC motors are aging or deck were kept in ON/STOP mode during long time in which the capstan motor was working.

The fight of dinosaurus and tiger… Which one is playing better: new or old components?

(Update: 20th of March 2016)

I started a little project over two months ago: I began to buy quality but cheap 2nd HiFi components from local Serbian market to show that it is possible to make a very decent quality HiFi system for a small amount of money.

I called it “Poor Man HiFi” and posts will be published approx. once a week, so far only in Serbian.

I invested, time, energy and money in this and I must admit that I am a little tired…


(Update: 24th of December 2014)

Lot of work these days, not so much spare time but I didn’t give up working on this little site.

Many thanks for the help to Nune and Tamara, making design changes!!!

I always like to think that Hitachi in Japan was in audio terms similar to Telefunken in Europe.

These are two beautiful Hitachi machines – which one would You choose?

(Update: 9th of September 2014)

This is a pretty rare Uher machine and arguably the best they made… pretty interesting. It was broken, fixed and after several hours of use broke again… will fix it and continue testing….

I was waiting for fifteen years for my friend Voja to decide to sell his cassette beast: Lux 5K50M.

This really is a monster, looking even much better in reality than on these pictures. Beautiful machine. I will have to make a group test of it together with the best decks in my collection (Nak CR7, Teac Z6000, Studer 721 etc.).

WAY Cables supplied me with some interesting power cables:


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