Zoran Karapandzic

Zoran Karapandzic

About the author and ZokiAudio.com, just a little text… to keep it interesting 🙂

I’d like this introduction to be not too formal, but here are a few words: my name is Zoran Karapandžić, born in Belgrade in 1970, where I completed my primary and secondary education, and later (after quite a bit of wandering) graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. By profession, I am a graduate engineer specialized in information systems.

I’ve never been able to settle in one field alone, so alongside my studies, I’ve always had a few hobbies: I dabbled in model airplanes, briefly joined a radio club, and at thirteen I started training in karate, continuing for the next eighteen years, eventually achieving the rank of 2nd dan (Wado Ryu). Although nowadays both my wife and daughter can easily outmatch me whenever they want, so I have to listen to them :).

For over 20 years, I’ve been working for the world’s largest consulting firm, in roles ranging from IT manager to senior IT manager. My focus over the past five years has been on robotic process automation (RPA), general automation, process analysis, and more recently, the application of artificial intelligence in business systems. I directly manage or co-manage teams totaling 10, with around 40 employees. Additionally, I work as a talent leader for the Balkans region, aiming to bring young talents into the company, collaborating with universities and even elementary schools to promote the value of IT as a career path and opportunities for employment in the company where I work.

Aside from all this, I’ve always been drawn to Hi-Fi and technology… “the way things work,” especially the perfection of sound reproduction. As a kid, I couldn’t afford much, so as times changed, I acquired a lot, tinkered with it, and then sold it off to make room for the next project. Just like today, back in those days, I experimented with various things: from cheap and poor quality to unreasonably expensive, and finally to quality examples. Some Hi-Fi components disappointed me, while others I truly fell in love with.

Between 2006 and 2012, by sheer coincidence, I started writing for the local magazine Hi-Files, initially as a writer for the section on old (retro) devices. After some time, the editor liked my style of work, so I began publishing articles on new devices as well. This was a significant step in a different direction from what I knew about them from Hi-Fi fairs, distributor showrooms, and visits to friends. My knowledge and experience were enriched in a completely new way. I published around 300 articles.

Over time, I wanted to create my own website. The reason for this was the significant number of posts I had written on a local forum and the desire to share my experience with others. I never planned for my website, blog, or whatever you want to call it, to be commercial – Hi-Fi has always been draining my finances over time.

A lot of effort and work went into bringing ZokiAudio.com to light, and I take this opportunity to thank my family for their unwavering support. I hope you find the content overview useful and, above all, interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.

Warm regards,
Zoran Karapandžić