Zoran Karapandzic

I would like to introduce myself in unofficial way, so here are just a few facts about me: my name is Zoran Karapandzic, I was born in Belgrade in 1970. where I finished Primary and Secondary School and after some years got BSc. in Computer Engineering. Many years ago, I was told by my karate sensei that man should have several points of interest, not focus on just one thing, whatever it may be.

So, I had few hobbies in the past and got very good results in most of them: I trained karate and got black belt 2nd Dan at the age of 23. Beside this, HiFi was one of my other hobbies, maybe not so dynamic and beneficial for body and spirit as karate, but very interesting at last. I always liked to investigate how things work, especially mechanical tape audio devices: it was very interesting to understand the principles of the machine that could repeat, to more or less extent, such complicated thing as music and deliver all these tones correctly to such precise instrument as human ear.

Of course, my generation lived in Yugoslavia during several decades and we couldn’t get our hands on many of so expensive equipment in 80’s and 90’s. Now, they cost just a fraction of their list price, but their actractivness is almost the same. So, I started collecting them, repairing some of them and, eventually selling so I could get more free space for the new ones to come.During 2006. I started honorary work for the Serbian HiFi magazine called Hi-Files. This helped me a lot, testing new equipment on the market and getting clues where do the things go these days. I also got enormous knowledge and experience of new audio equipment and trends. Six years later, at the end of 2012., I decided to quit my engagement, after around 300 articles published. So, I started towards new challenges.

Behind ZokiAudio.com are decades of experience, and many articles, descibing components that made the history of HiFi (tape decks at first) are yet to come. But, at the first place, I would like to thank my family for supporting my work and my hobby. Started in 2012., ZokiAudio got very good reception in HiFi community in all ex-Yugoslavia countries and some Western countries. So, I decided that, starting from 2013. all of my articles should be written in English, as primary language, and then in Serbian if possible. Personal blog will stay in Serbian, since there are expressions not easy to translate in different languages.

And last but not least, I do not service any other equipment but my own, so please don’t send me any requests regarding this.

Thank You very much for taking Your time and visiting ZokiAudio.com.